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Marketing philosophy employed by any given company has to be mix of organization interest, consumer interest and societal interest . In production philosophy, companies focus is on numbers, high production count, which reduces cost per unit and along with mass distribution. This kind of concept is usually making sense in a developing market where there is the need of product in large numbers. The product philosophy talks about consumers who are willing to pay an extra premium for high quality and reliable performance, so companies focus on producing well made products. The selling concept believes in pushing consumers into buying of products, which
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Unformatted text preview: under normal circumstance, they would be resistant. • The marketing concept believes consumer satisfaction, thereby developing and selling products keeping focus solely on customer needs and wants. • The customer philosophy believes in the creation of customized products, where in products is design looking at historical transaction of consumers. • The last philosophy is the societal concept which believes in developing products, which not only generate consumer satisfaction but also take into account well being of society or environment....
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