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Marketing strategy Once the market and format of entering in the market are finalized, it is time for the company to work out the marketing strategy. Company has to work out the option between standardized marketing of one size fits all or come out with completely new strategy for the new market. Alternatively, companies can choose to mix and match in product, promotion, price and place. At product level, company may choose to enter the global market without changes in the original product, or company may choose to modify the product as per the local market taste and preference or company may decide to introduce completely new products.
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Unformatted text preview: For promotion company may choose standard or may modify as per the local market needs. Pricing is a tricky issue. Therefore, companies can set uniform price across global market or introduce market based price in each market or use cost based approach to set the price. At distribution channel level company have to figure the best way to reach the market. A company entering a global market also has to be aware of cultural, political, legal, and technological factors in respective markets....
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