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Product Development Process - Developing New Market Offerings Companies first find the target market than segment and then customers. After these companies go about developing products, which may be product modification or it may be a completely new product. Product offerings are increasing every year as consumers are looking for more and more variety of products. Companies which are unable to churn out new products fall back on competition and suffer the consequences. Companies face danger not just from competitors but consumer needs, technology, and product life cycle. New product development has its share of challenges. Research shows that 95 percent of new products fail in USA and in Europe failure rate is 90 percent.
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Unformatted text preview: Organizational set up has to be conducive to support new product development. Foremost companies must allocate funds for research and development, the conventional way is the percent of sales technique. Others chose to allow employees dedicate a certain amount of work time on new product development. Companies next have to organize the process of development. This can be done by product managers with new product development experience or by cross functional team with members chosen from various departments having the knack of developing new products....
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