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Retailing The act through which goods and services reach the end customer for individual or business usage is known as retailing. The players involved in this act are known as retailers. Retailers can be manufactures, distributors or wholesalers. They can reach the end customer through the internet or physical stores. Retail organizations are divided into three categories store retailers, non-store retailers and retail organization. Store retailing, the best example is the department store like Macy or Sears. Store retailers are further divided on the service level with self service, self selection, limited
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Unformatted text preview: service and full service stores. Store retailing comprises over 90% in way products reach the end customer. Over the years non-store retailing has garnered a market share. Non-store retailing includes direct selling, direct marketing, automatic vending and buying service. Avon is an example of direct selling. Internet retail giant is an example of direct marketing. Soft drink vending machines are a form of automatic vending....
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