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Technology revolution

Technology revolution - through intranet extranet and...

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Technology revolution, globalization and market deregulation factors are among many sculpting the new economy. These 3 factors interact with each other at different levels creating the driving force for the new economy . The old economy was full of analog devices, which were running on a continuous signal wave, for example, gramophone records. In today’s world systems and devices are running on digital technology where information is carried in ones and zeroes. However, this digital information cannot be exchanged between devices without connectivity through wire or wireless networks. This connectivity is achieved
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Unformatted text preview: through intranet, extranet and internet. • Internet allowed players like Yahoo, Amazon, ebay to offer products like music, books, apparel, etc. directly to customers. • This move de-stabilized the traditional distributors and retailers causing some to shut down their business. • However, some of the players developed online portals to offer their products and services which in turn de-stabilized new online players. • Some of the old players were successful with help of their brand strength and poor business models of pure online players....
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