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Warehousing Warehousing for finished goods is another important hub for companies. There has to be a right balance between sales order and quantity of finished goods. Warehousing at strategic locations increases timely delivery of goods and reducing in inventory. Technology has helped in improving warehousing standards. Inventory Piled up inventory is not a good sign for the company. Inventory management involves making decision with time and quantity of raw materials for matching customer requirements. Management principle like Just In Time (JIT) are used for better inventory management.
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Unformatted text preview: In JIT focus is to develop well time flow of raw materials and finished goods. Transportation Transportation and freight cost plays an important role in final pricing, delivery and condition of raw materials as well as finished products. Here companies need to make the decision, whether to use a private carrier (company ownership), contractual (Outside agency) or common carrier (service shared at standard rates). Retailing, wholesaling and logistic decision are very important to deliver value to end customers....
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