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Product Differentiation - By real differentiation we mean...

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Product Differentiation: Under monopolistic competition products are differentiated. This is the outstanding feature of this form of market. Otherwise monopolistic competition closely resembles perfect competition. The fundamental difference between the two is that products are no more homogenous. Goods produced are deliberately differentiated. By differentiation we mean the goods are made to appear somewhat different and superior to those produced by other firms. Product differentiation may be real or apparent.
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Unformatted text preview: By real differentiation we mean that a difference is maintained in some physical or chemical composition of a product or in the taste and appearance of that product. This is easily done with the help of attractive packaging; or some extra services are rendered. A product can also be marketed as superior using local advantage. When products are differentiated more buyers are likely to be attracted. Thereby the firm gains extra control over demand and market conditions....
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