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article critique 1 atoc 1060

article critique 1 atoc 1060 - Jenna Levesque ATOC 1060...

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Jenna Levesque ATOC 1060 Article Critique #1 Cities with Less Smog See More Green 1. This article is about how certain cities across America are taking initiative to lower their ozone pollution concentration since the Clean Air Act was passed by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1990. The pollution is caused by motor vehicle activity and industrial impacts that emit chemicals that react with sunlight and take a negative toll on the environment. 2. The article clearly favors the EPA’s perspective on environmental protection and supports the Clean Air Act. All of the interviews and data are from the EPA and support a general consciousness of the human toll on the Earth. 3. A number of facts and figures are presented throughout the article supporting arguments behind the global warming trend and showcase some of its negative implications. The article states that ground-level ozone pollution can trigger or aggravate
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