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Unformatted text preview: Base Company: C000004277 Industry: RES Defined Query: ws.DowJonesIndustryGroup Query Result: "RES" Catalog: Worldscope Base Period: Tolerance: 25 Company1: C000000738 Company2: C000001390 Company3: C000002958 Company4: C000004602 Company5: C000031442 Company6: C902921522 Company7: C000039420 Company8: C000078824 Company9: C000075432 Company10: Company11: Company12: Company13: Company14: Company15: Company16: Company17: Company18: Company19: Company20: Company21: Company22: Company23: Company24: Company25: TotalCompanies: 9 Currency: USD Location: Location Defined Query: LocationQuery Result: DBPrefix: Period Direction: BaseCompanyTicker: Ticker1: Ticker2: Ticker3: Ticker4: Ticker5: Ticker6: Ticker7: Ticker8: Ticker9: Ticker10: Ticker11: Ticker12: Ticker13: Ticker14: Ticker15: Ticker16: Ticker17: Ticker18: Ticker19: Ticker20: Ticker21: Ticker22: Ticker23: Ticker24: Ticker25: BaseCompanyFYR: FYR1: FYR2: FYR3: FYR4: FYR5: FYR6: FYR7: FYR8: FYR9: FYR10: FYR11: FYR12: FYR13: FYR14: FYR15: FYR16: FYR17: FYR18: FYR19: FYR20: FYR21: FYR22: FYR23: FYR24: FYR25: 40083 39988 39964 40178 40181 40173 40056 40178 40178 40086 BaseCompanyChartKey: Err:511 ChartKey1: C000000738 ChartKey2: C000001390 ChartKey3: C000002958 ChartKey4: C000004602 ChartKey5: C000031442 ChartKey6: C902921522 ChartKey7: C000039420 ChartKey8: C000078824 ChartKey9: C000075432 ChartKey10: ChartKey11: ChartKey12: ChartKey13: ChartKey14: ChartKey15: ChartKey16: ChartKey17: ChartKey18: ChartKey19: ChartKey20: ChartKey21: ChartKey22: ChartKey23: ChartKey24: ChartKey25: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 BaseCompanyName: Starbucks Corp. Name1: Brinker International Inc Name2: Darden Restaurants Inc Name3: McDonalds Corp. Name4: Wendy's/Arby's Group Inc Name5: Yum! Brands Inc Name6: Sodexo Name7: Autogrill Name8: McDonalds Holdings Company (Japan) Limit Name9: Compass Group PLC Name10: Name11: Name12: Name13: Name14: Name15: Name16: Name17: Name18: Name19: Name20: Name21: Name22: Name23: Name24: Name25: Index1: Index2: Index3: Index4: Index5: TotalIndices: 0 0 0 Scale: Millions CatalogOffset: Err:511 MonthList: Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec CatalogList: Worldscope Compustat SEC Extel Worldscope - Industrial Template - 5 Yr. FASB Cash Flow Statement STARBUCKS CORPORATION SEDOL: 2842255 Shares Out.: Exchange: NAS Market Val: 745 Industry Group: 20,930 Eating places Scaling Factor : Millions USD Y20010 Net Income / Starting Line 390.8 Depreciation, Depletion & Amortization 563.3 Depreciation And Depletion 561.6 Amortization Of Intangible Assets 1.7 Deferred Income Taxes & Investment Tax Credit -69.6 Deferred Income Taxes -69.6 Investment Tax Credits 0 Other Cash Flow 273.7 Funds From Operations 1,158.20 Extraordinary Items 0 Funds From/For Other Operating Activities 230.8 Decrease/Increase in Receivables #N/A Decreae/Increase in Inventories 28.5 Increase/Decrease in Accounts Payable -53 Increase/Decrease in IncomeTaxes Payable 57.2 Increase/Decrease in Other Accruals #N/A Decrease/Increase in Other Assets/Liabilities...
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