The Bustop - A sexually oriented business located in North...

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A sexually oriented business located in North Boulder known as “The Bustop,” offers fully or partially nude dancers, depending upon customer preference. Locals of Boulder attend this “Gentlemen’s Club” with a number of motives, the most popular of which include seeking sexual attention or simply a relaxing evening away from societal pressures and standards. Sociologically, strip clubs and various other sexually inclined institutions are governed by dominant social scripts in Western culture notwithstanding its alleged rebellion to traditional values. Agents of social control were clearly identified, the dominant cultural script was ultimately abided by, gendered social scripts were both enacted and reinforced, and the institution of heterosexuality was blatantly applied. Agents of social control were immediately prevalent as we approached the door. Upon entering, staff demanded proper identification, which then were rigorously tested for proof of validity. We were then informed of the non-negotiable policies including a one-drink minimum (a soda, tea, etc.) and the prohibition of alcohol as a safety precaution in exchange for dancers who perform completely nude. Internalization of norms was also a very evident factor of social control as I was able to identify my mounting discomfort as a result of acknowledged disobedience or violation of my instilled norms. Having been raised with the ability to distinguish between “appropriate and inappropriate” behavior, I knew it wasn’t proper for a gracious young lady to attend a bar where other women temp and tease as means to earn a living. An unambiguous sensation of guilt overpowered my psyche instantaneously, completely inhibiting a significant fraction of the experience. With this influencing my thoughts on the situation, I realized that my superiors 1
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were also agents of social control regardless of their physical absence from my location. I began to wonder “What would my mother think if I told here I was here?” and “What if I saw a professor or family friend here?” How would I convincingly explain that the choice for my friends and I to attend a strip club on this Sunday evening was truly innocent? Finally, the most influential agent of social control was the opinions and judgments of my peers that I had chosen to come with me. Several people whom accompanied me were invited through the grapevine; thus, not people I felt completely comfortable sharing such a deviant experience with for it left me vulnerable to bias judgment from peers who had the power to damage my precious repute. This being the case, however, only shed more light on how socialization stigmatizes sexually deviant behavior by swaying the cost-benefit analysis with the thought of this information becoming public. At any rate, I reached a new level of self-consciousness as I found
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The Bustop - A sexually oriented business located in North...

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