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Excel homework _word_xiaoqiaowang

Excel homework _word_xiaoqiaowang - showdown price By...

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1. Financial Application montly payment: $8364.40; Loan amortization table: refer to excel The current value of the Money Market account: $974828.66 The annual interest rate: 8% 2. Estimating Travel Expenses : refer to excel 3. Managing Purchases for Michelle Toy Company Optimal mix: baby toy 34378.05116 Cosmetic kit 0 Jewlery kit 5000 Kitchenette kit 39378.05116 Max. Profit: $ 241,159.83 Binding: Cosmetic Kit+ Kichinette Kit Number Purchased, Total Total Cost, Cosmetic Kit Number Purchased, Jewlery Kit Number Purchased(≥0), Jewlery Kit Number Purchased(≥5000. Since those items are binding, they use up all the resources they can get. So if the company needs to produce one more unit, they would have to pay a
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Unformatted text preview: showdown price. By changing the price of baby toy to $21, the optimal mix and the objective function will both change. The total profit will increase. Units of Baby Toy will increase with allowable increase within 0.608308824, kitchenette kit will decrease. Change of optimal mix Optimal Max $18.95 $241,159.83 $21 $325,754.91 optimal mix $18.95 $21 baby toys 34378.05 44172.15 cosmetic kit jewlery kit 5000 5000 kitchenette 39378.05 24586.08 4.Leasing versus Buying Decision Refer to the excel for questions Costs: Third-Party Trucking: $ 70,298,574.94 Buying Trucks: $ 8,593,989.47 Leasing Trucks: $ 6,133,000.00 Conclusion: so compare all the cost, leasing the least expensive one...
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