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Xiaoqiao Wang BMGT 301 Monday 7:00pm-9:40pm Video Respond Ghana has been one of the most polluted places on earth. A group of journalist students graduated from The University of British Columbia came to Ghana for global investigation. They track the companies which are causing pollutions there and also all around the world. A strong smell is everywhere in burning site, from chemical reaction of burning down old plastic electronic. In Ghana, It becomes one of the largest places for western people to dump electronic waste, or E-waste. Children burn down the E wastes, and collect what is leaving behind to make money. People in Ghana also sell old or used computers. The good thing is people in Ghana can have an electronic at a cheaper price; however, there is one dangerous affect for people who sell or donate their old computer to Ghana. People always think they already erase everything before they sell it, but that’s not true. Many hard drives still contain personal data of original owners, like pictures,
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