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Ghana_Digital dumping ground-new - original owner Here is...

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Xiaoqiao Wang Ghana has been one of the most polluted places on earth. A group of journalist students graduated from The University of British Columbia came to Ghana for global investigation. During their investigation in the video, I saw the children living in the environment that is dirty, polluted and with strong smell of from burning down old plastic electronic. Children burn down the electronics, and collect what is leaving behind to make money. It is not moral not only that people dump their old electronic products in Ghana, and it is also not moral that people in Ghana pollute the environment by burning those product for some revenue. It is not beneficial for people who sell their computer too, since many hard drives still contain personal data of original owners, like pictures, private financial data, credit card numbers, and online transaction information from the
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Unformatted text preview: original owner. Here is one example of how serious it could be: the investigators found a hard drive that contains sensitive multimillion dollars US government contracts. The investigators tracked the electronic products all the way to Hong Kong. They see Chinese workers are working on tons of the computers that are polluting the environment and harming their health. Women literally cook the chips which have a certain amount of gold. When investigators talk to a person who makes money out of e-wastes, they found out that Chinese entrepreneur thinks it’s cheap to use e-waste and expensive to dump them in a save, environmental way. They do not care about the environment, or how bad it is in terms of health problem for everyone in the world. It is immoral not to care about other people live but only care about their own profit....
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