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SWOT Analysis 1.trength: reduces transaction costs, reduces risks of loss inherent in handling cash, and has proven to increase savings opportunities, can be used for emergency, has the potential to facilitate the faster and more secure flow of money among billions of customers, include other tools such as ATMs, POS (point of sale) terminals, and electronic bank cards, Strength: monitor new opportunities such services offer, such as faster payments to farmers; easier access to credit and savings opportunities; and access to related financial services such as weather insurance and more.  chance to  manage your money anywhere, anytime, no more waiting in line, being in jam Weakness: security. the current alternatives to credit cards are broken. On one side, payment systems outside of credit cards cannot deal 
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Unformatted text preview: with the cross border, cross currency payments that are an important part of the virtual world and, on the other, existing mobile payment systems for content such as premium SMS are outdated, expensive and flawed. Opportunity: Mature Opportunities McMahon did identify two possible markets that represent ‘low hanging fruit’ for mature market telcos - youth and immigrant populations. He suggested the UK’s 5 million immigrants keen on sending money home might represent a marginally profitable business, as would this audience in Italy, and also cited Telefonica O2’s recent payment card aimed at the youth segment as an example of targeting a ripe market opportunity. Threat:...
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