Physics II workshop_Part_14

Physics II workshop_Part_14 - 3 If we reduce the time...

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30 Week #3
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31 Motion in Two Dimensions : Terms : Trajectory =path traveled position = location relative to origin displacement = difference between positions I. Velocity A car is moving clockwise along an oval track. Make a large diagram of the oval on a piece of paper. A . Pick a point to serve as the origin of your coordinate system. This point should be outside the oval . Points A and B are shown, where B occurs slightly later in time than A. B’ occurs closer in time to A than does B. 1. Draw and label the position vectors, ( r r A , r r B ), for each point. Then draw and label the displacement vector Δ r r Discuss your result with your partners and sketch a small version to the right. 2. How is the direction of the displacement vector related to the direction of the average velocity vector?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. If we reduce the time interval the car only moves to B’ rather than B. Draw the displacement vector for the car moving from A to B’. What mathematical word describes the relation between the displacement vector and the trajectory as the points approach each other? 4. What is the direction of the instantaneous velocity relative to the trajectory at any point? Draw and label vectors showing the instantaneous velocities at points A and B. Does your answer depend on whether the object is speeding up, slowing down, or moving at constant speed? B . Suppose you choose a different origin. Which of these vectors would change, which would stay the same. Position of A, position of B, displacement from A to B, instantaneous velocity at B. A B’ B...
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Physics II workshop_Part_14 - 3 If we reduce the time...

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