Physics II workshop_Part_18

Physics II workshop_Part_18 - v Remember that during its...

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38 Predicting the motion of a projectile These problems deal with the theory behind the experiments we will try in the next workshop. For both problems, draw and label the co-ordinate axes you use and clearly show all steps in the derivation, starting from the general equations of 2-d kinematics. Keep this worksheet and any other sheets used, you will need them later. Case 1 Let’s begin with the special case in which a ball is fired horizontally from a gun. The gun is at a height h above the ground and the ball leaves the barrel with a velocity r v 0 , as shown in the diagram. Where will the ball land? Your job is to derive an expression for the horizontal distance ( L ) from the gun to the landing point in terms of the height h and the magnitude of the initial velocity r v 0 (which you can just call
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Unformatted text preview: v ). Remember that, during its motion, the ball is subject to a downwards acceleration, g . h L r v 39 Case 2. Now let’s consider the more general case in which the gun is tilted at an angle θ to the horizontal. This time we need two equations: • an equation that relates the muzzle velocity v to things we know or can measure, h , L , and g (see diagram). • An equation that relates L to v , h , and g . The first step is to resolve the initial velocity vector into horizontal and vertical components. Then apply the equations of kinematics to both axes, remembering that only motion along the vertical ( y ) axis experiences an acceleration (due to gravity). Check your solutions by setting = 0. You should recover the solution to Case 1. h L r v θ...
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Physics II workshop_Part_18 - v Remember that during its...

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