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Physics II workshop_Part_31

Physics II workshop_Part_31 - Pirate Treasure Our two...

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64 Pirate Treasure Our two drunken pirates have another treasure chest to haul back to their ship. By this time, however, Bill has sobered up and realizes that they need to head due East. Unfortunately, Jack is still swigging rum and pulls 40° North of East with a force 300 N. Bill isn’t quite as strong as Jack and can only manage a force of 250 N. The chest has a mass of 200 kg. Ignoring friction, (a) find the direction in which Bill must pull in order to keep the chest moving due East (b) What is the acceleration of the chest? The pirates finally reach the beach and since Jack can now see the ship, both of them begin hauling due East, each with the same force as before. However, the coefficient of kinetic friction between sand and the chest is 0.5. Will the pirates need help from their shipmates to keep the chest moving across the beach at a constant velocity?
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65 Friction Challenge Problems 1. Your shoes have rubber soles. As you stand on an asphalt walkway,
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