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Physics II workshop_Part_42

Physics II workshop_Part_42 - θ ± Spring constant k ±...

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86 Measurements Once you have made your prediction and recorded it on page 3, measure the actual value of L for your spring. Release the cart at the rest length of the spring and measure the displacement when the cart comes momentarily to rest at its lowest point. Repeat this measurement several times to get an average and a standard deviation. Test your prediction Write down your data and results below Equation for L : Mass, M : ± Angle,
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Unformatted text preview: θ : ± Spring constant, k : ± Prediction for L : ± Measured L : ± If your prediction does not match the measurement, can you think of a reason why? What could you do to make your prediction more accurate? Report Each team should hand in this worksheet and attach a page showing the derivation of the equation for L (neatly set out, please). Make a note of your predicted and measured values for L and keep it. 87 Week #8...
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