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Physics II Lab w answers_Part_8 - the time period T...

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27 mass, we could use equation (3) in the two cases as follows : For the bare system C I T 0 0 2 π = (4) Where I 0 is the moment of inertia of the bare system. With the regular body added, the time period would become C K I T + = 0 1 2 (5) Where K is the rotational inertia of the regular body. One can solve equations (4) and (5) to get I 0 and C using the two measured time periods T 0 and T l If the given irregular body replaces the regular body then equation (5) gets modified to C X I T X + = 0 2 (6) Where X is the rotational inertia of the irregular rigid body . Since I and C are known, X can be calculated from equation (6). Experimental Procedure 1. First ensure that the plate of the oscillating system is horizontal. You may have to adjust the leveling ring for this purpose. 2. Measure the frequency of oscillations of the system by timing about 30 oscillations or so. You may repeat the measurements a number of times to get a good mean value for
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Unformatted text preview: the time period T . Formulae used are applicable only for small oscillations. 3. Place the regular body at the center of the plate and measure the frequency of oscillations again, by timing the number of oscillations as before for measuring the time period T l. 28 4. Replace the regular body by the given object (irregular body) and measure the time period of oscillation T x.. Observation Table S. NO System Number of oscillations Time for 30 oscillations (sec) Time Period (sec) Average Time period (sec) 1. Bare system (Repeat several times) T 0 = 2. With Reg.body (Repeat Several times) T 1 = 3. With Irreg. body (Repeat Several times) T X = Reference: Haliday, Resnick and Walker, “Fundamentals of Physics”, 6 th Ed. (John Wiley, Singapore, 2001), Chap. 11....
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Physics II Lab w answers_Part_8 - the time period T...

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