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Physics II Lab w answers_Part_69 - can adjust telescope on...

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149 can adjust telescope on an object which is at very large distance. Level the spectrometer and prism table on which grating is mounted using a spirit level. Fig. 5 schematically shows the arrangement of the grating and the spectrometer. 2. Switch on the power supply for spectral lamp. 3. Place the grating on the prism table such that the surface of the grating is approximately perpendicular to the collimator of the spectrometer (i.e. perpendicular to the incident slit falling on the grating). Fix the prism table in this position. With the Hg source observe first order spectrum on left hand side and right hand side. Measure the angle of diffraction of each line by rotating telescope so that cross-wire coincides with particular spectral line. Note down each measurement on the observation table I. The diffraction angle is equal to difference between LHS and RHS observation divided by two for a particular spectral line. (See Fig. 5). The wavelength of the main spectral lines of Hg in the visible region are given in Table I. PART B: To measure the wavelength of second sodium light (D2) 4. Repeat step 2 and 3 with sodium source. In first order spectrum of sodium measure the angular position θ L of yellow 1 (D1) on the left side. Use the micrometer screw to turn the telescope to align the crosswire at the second yellow line (D2) and read its angular
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Physics II Lab w answers_Part_69 - can adjust telescope on...

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