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Chemical Engineering Hand Written_Notes_Part_86

Chemical Engineering Hand Written_Notes_Part_86 - 174 5...

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174 5. OPTIMIZATION AND RELATED NUMERICAL SCHEMES models can be transformed to linear in parameter models. For example, the transformed reaction rate model log( r A ) = log( k o ) + n log C A E R μ 1 T (1) Example 63 . is a linear in parameter model. 3.3. Formulation of Parameter Estimation Problem. Estimation of model parameter from experimental data is not an easy task as the data ob- tained from experiments is always in fl uenced by uncertain variation of uncon- trollable and unknown variables, which occur while conducting experiments and collecting data. In modeling parlance, the data is corrupted with unmeasured disturbances and measurement errors . For example, If we measure fl ow, pressure, temperature etc., through electronic trans- mitters, there are errors or noise in the measurements due to local electrical disturbances. While conducting experiments involving heating with a steam coil, un- measured fl uctuations in steam header pressure may introduce varia- tions in the rate of heating
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