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Jenna Levesque January 24, 2008 810-13-5548 American Press Freedom Upon seeing the United States of America’s ranking for press freedom on the Reporters Without Borders website I was shocked to find out that the country that overtly prides itself on being the “land of the free” falls behind countries such as Japan and Israel in governmental press regulation. Evidently, the infamous first amendment supposedly intended to protect speech is hardly what it is made out to be. Although America is thought to be the country where dreams are fulfilled and personal liberty is prioritized, the small print must be carefully examined to fully understand the limitations put on freedom in this country. What a lot of American’s don’t realize is the liberal lifestyle many foreign citizens lead. It is assumed that American’s have the most freedom from Government intervention in daily life as that is the principle that the country was founded on. By and
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Unformatted text preview: large, however, Americans tend to take a much more conservative approach to social issues. One could even go as far as to say that the peoples’ rights are overprotected as many times voices are silenced and actions outlawed in the interest of the general public. America is one of the most widely recognized democracies in the world; not only because of our international power, but also because of the efforts we make to spread our values and policies globally. Our efforts are hypocritical, however, as American government often fails to support what we preach limiting that which is considered acceptable and protected in the press. In order to stand true to the fundamental message of the constitution, a free press should be supported and the expression and publication of diverse opinions encouraged....
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