Thermodynamics filled in class notes_Part_6

During the heat addition the volume triples the gas

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Unformatted text preview: ure of 1200 K and a heat rejection at 400 K . During the heat addition, the volume triples. The gas is at 1.00 m3 /kg before the isentropic compression. Analyze. Take state 1 to be the state before the compression. Then T1 = 400 K, v1 = 1.00 m3 . kg (2.19) By the ideal gas law P1 = kJ 0.287 kg K (400 K ) RT1 = = 1.148 × 102 kP a. 3 v1 1.00 m kg (2.20) Now isentropically compress to state 2. By the standard relations for a CPIG, one finds T2 = T1 v1 v2 k −1 = P2 P1 k −1 k . (2.21) CC BY-NC-ND. 18 Nove...
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