Thermodynamics filled in class notes_Part_41

200 298 i1 if ideal gas p h u u p v u rt 3201 if

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Unformatted text preview: al gas P h = u + = u + P v = u + RT , ρ (3.201) if ideal gas N T ci so ,i + 298 s= i=1 298 ˆ cP (T ) ˆ dT − R ln ˆ T P Po N − R ln y yi i . i=1 if ideal gas (3.202) These relations are not obvious. A few are derived in examples here. Example 3.4 Derive the expression h = u + P/ρ. Start from the equation for the constituent hi , multiply by mass fractions, sum over all species, and use properties of mixtures: Pi , ρi hi = ui + ci h i = ci u i + ci ci h i = (3.203) Pi , ρi N N N N (3.205) ci ρi Ri T , ρi (3.206) N ci u i + = i=1 Pi , ρi i=1 N ci h i ci ci u i + i=1 i=1 (3.204) i=1 i=1 =u =h N h = ci Ri , u+T (3.207) i=1 =R = = u + RT, (3.208) P . ρ (3.209) u+ CC BY-NC-ND. 18 November 2011, J. M. Powers....
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