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Band Structure in Lithium Metal

Band Structure in Lithium Metal - Energy Energy Density of...

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Unformatted text preview: Energy Energy Density of states Internuclear distance Intemuclear distance FIGURE 12.3 The molecular orbitals resulting from interaction of the 25 orbitals of six lithium atoms. The relative po— sitions of the six levels depend on the arrangement of the atoms in the cluster. FIGURE 12.4 The valence band in lithium metal, shown as a function of the internuclear distance. The dashed line indicates the equilibrium internuclear distance in the actual metal. FIGURE 12.5 Density of states as a function of energy for the va- lence band of a metal such as lithium. The vertical line, which marks the boundary between the filled and empty parts of the band at 0 K, corresponds to the Fermi energy. At a finite temperature, this boundary is fuzzy, as shown. ...
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