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Group Case Handout 390-Rubric F2011-1

Group Case Handout 390-Rubric F2011-1 - Group Case Handout...

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Group Case Handout 390 Attributes Excellent (94-100% of total points Good (85-93% of total points Fair (75-84% of total points) Poor (65-74% of total points) Content (Wt: 40 pts) All critical content is included, is correct, clear, and compelling, and is effectively developed. Thoughtful application of several course concepts/framework s. Basic content is included, is correct and quite clear, and is fairly well developed. Good application of course concepts/framework s. Some needed content is missing, is unclear, or is not well developed. Significant content is missing, is incorrect or unclear, or is poorly developed.
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Organizati on and Writing (Wt: 25 points) Text includes clear agenda, is well organized, is easy to follow, and has an overall professional appearance. Paragraphs have excellent coherence, length, organization, unity, and development; sentences reflect excellent syntax and writing style; writing complies with grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage rules.
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