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Movie Handout - this situation Did any conflict What would...

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Film viewing and worksheet: MISS EVERS’ BOYS Watch the movie  Miss Evers Boys  and complete the following worksheet. Make your  writing legible and clear enough that I can understand your general thinking.  Why did Miss Evers  initially  agree to be a part of the Tuskegee Study?  What was the ethical dilemma facing Miss Evers?  Why did she continue to participate over time?  Use the Ethical Decision Making Frameworks below to help you to better understand this  dilemma: a. Consequentialist  - identify the stakeholders and the harms and benefits  for each.  Articulate the consequences of alternative solutions. b. Deontological  – What duties, rights, or obligations were involved in 
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Unformatted text preview: this situation? Did any conflict? What would the golden rule say? Or what would Kant’s categorical imperative say? c. Virtue Ethics – What were/should have been Miss Evers’ motivations and intentions? Would applying the disclosure rule change anything in this situation? How? Were any cognitive, psychological, and managerial biases involved in this dilemma? What you would have done in this situation? Although we have the stark light of hindsight, what would have prevented you from acting any differently than Miss Evers? What can you do in the future to avoid this same type of dilemma?...
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Movie Handout - this situation Did any conflict What would...

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