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PersonalEthicalDilemma - • How does this framework tell...

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Personal Ethical Dilemma Bus M 390 Description Please describe a personal ethical dilemma you have recently faced or are currently facing. Use a dilemma from an organizational setting, such as work, school, an internship, or volunteer service. First use the eight steps in MBE chapter 2 to describe your dilemma, using only one to four sentences per step. Following this, demonstrate your understanding of the Consequentialist, Deontological, and Virtue frameworks by answering the following questions for each framework: How would this framework make you “aware” of the ethical issue?
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Unformatted text preview: • How does this framework tell you to act when faced with this dilemma? • Why did you act in a way that followed or rejected this framework? • Finally, what have you learned from this analysis? Did using these frameworks raise new issues or considerations? What do you think now about what you did? Would you do things differently in the future? Why or why not? Your assignment will be graded based on your ability to apply the eight steps of analysis and to apply each of the three frameworks to your dilemma. This assignment may not be longer than ±ve pages....
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