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Wired for Hire The Case: Today you have to make a difficult decision concerning a new hire to your IT team. In desperation you recently offered a security expert position to Rajeev, a marginally qualified person outside the company. This morning you learned that because of an acquisition, Brian, a fellow employee and the person you really want and need, has just become available. Now you’re worried that if you don’t bring Brian onto your project, he’ll be laid off. You work for large IT vendor Fleet Technologies and are the technical team leader on a multimillion dollar enterprise resource project for a new client. The client, a major medical device company, offers Fleet an opportunity to finally penetrate a cash-rich industry sector. This project is also critical to the client as the implementation of Fleet’s system will bring significant cost savings. Plus, you need a technology solution that conforms to the many regulations of the medical device industry. Thus, VPs from both companies are closely
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