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Chapter 9 II: Forecasting, the PLC, and Adoption Study Questions 1. Question 4 on page 283 of the textbook under “Discussing the Concepts”. Note these represent my opinion about whole categories and I am aware of exceptions. a. Product Development – Handheld Tablet Communicators, Fuel Cell Cars b. Introduction – App Phones, Electric cars, c. Growth – Smartphones, Hybrid Cars, Energy Drinks d. Maturity – Cellphones, Gas Cars, Bottled Water e. Decline – Landline phones, Carbonated Soft Drinks 2. Which strategies are most appealing when marketing to each group of adopters? a. Innovators – new technology; focus on innovation and the “wow” factor b. Early Adopters – new solution; focus on functionality and performance c. Early Majority – practical solution; focus on customer service and ease of use d. Late Majority – cheap solution; focus on supply chain
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