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21 - Mosiah 9-17 - Abinadi and the Priests of Noah

21 - Mosiah 9-17 - Abinadi and the Priests of Noah - •...

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Unformatted text preview: • Hymn #260: Who's On The Lord's Side? Lehi- Return to Land of Nephi Return Zeniff Mosiah (9-10) – Obtains cities of Lehi-Nephi and Shilom Noah (Mosiah 11) – Dismisses priests and installs his own Abinadi Abinadi Abinadi ab = my father, and nadi = is present Abinadi ab before you before Mosiah 11:20 – The Lord calls Abinadi to preach Mosiah repentance and to warn the people. – What will happen if they don’t repent? Mosiah 11:26 – people seek to kill Abinadi and he Mosiah flees. flees. Mosiah 12:1 & 8 – Two years later Abinadi returns Mosiah and tells them that because they did not repent they will be brought into bondage. Then he once more warns the people to repent. more – What will happen if they don’t repent this time? Under Law of Moses Under Daily Performance (particulars) inductive Principles (doctrines) Our Day Principles (doctrines) deductive Daily Performance (particulars) Father and Son Father Christ is the Son – He was begotten of the Father by Mary in the He flesh. flesh. Christ is the Father – He is the Father of our Salvation – He is the creator of the earth – Through righteousness we become his sons Through and daughters and The Roles of Jesus Christ The Titles Father Son Parentage Begotten of God Conceived by Mary Dual aspects Spiritual Carnal Abilities Immortal Mortal Alma Alma Mosiah 17 A priest of King Noah Noah sends servants to kill Alma Alma escapes and hides Alma He writes the words of Abinadi ...
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