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BOM 121 final study guide

BOM 121 final study guide - happened Courage Alma’s...

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Book of Mormon - Test #2 Study Guide Know: The prophets mentioned in the Book of Mormon who are not in the Bible The allegory of the Olive Vineyard What is an anti-Christ The story of the people of Nephi-Lehi What is priestcraft The story of Alma’s people President McKay’s comments on radiation and influence. The mission of the sons of Mosiah—where they went, who they preached to, what
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Unformatted text preview: happened. Courage Alma’s discourse in Alma 5 Abinidi’s speech to the priest’s of Noah Levels of Living Know who the following were and what they did Sherem King Benjamin Nehor Zeniff Noah Limhi Abish Ammon Zeezrom Amulon Amulek Abinadi Alma the Elder Alma the Younger Mosiah Amlici The sons of Mosiah Lamoni Helam...
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