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Unformatted text preview: Information Age “An in depth look at the exciting An history of the Calculator and Computer” Computer” Abacus Abacus Pascal Pascal Leibniz Leibniz Babbage Babbage Early Computers Early Electronic Computers Electronic Transistor Transistor Personal Computer Personal Advancements Advancements Noteworthy Contributors Noteworthy Abacus 5,000 years ago 5,000 Asia Minor Asia 5-bead 5-bead Blaise Pascal Pascaline Pascaline Numerical wheel Numerical Invented 1642 Invented Add & subtract only Add Series of ten-toothed wheels Series 6, 8 ? 6, Each tooth represented a digit Each 0 to 9 to Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz Philosopher and mathematician Philosopher 1649 1649 Improved Pascaline Multiply and divide Multiply Birth Birth Calculator Calculator Personal computers ? Personal Charles Babbage Difference Engine Difference With Augusta Ada King First actual computer First Stores information Stores Accepts data Accepts Early Computers Mechanisms Mechanisms Rotating shafts and gears Rotating Used during both world wars Used Predict torpedo course Predict Analog computer Analog Vacuum Tubes Vacuum Digital computer Digital Electronic Computers Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) Computer 1946 1946 U. of Pennsylvania U. John P. Eckert, Jr. John 18000 tubes 18000 Much more speed Much 1000x Mark I 1000x UNIVAC I & EDVAC I Universal Automatic Computer (UNIVAC I) First to use CPU First John von Neumann John mid 1940’s mid Transistor 1950s 1950s Smaller and faster Smaller Smaller components needed Smaller Longer life Longer Less expensive Personal Computer Intel 4004 Intel 1st Microprocessor 1st Altair 8800 (1975) Altair 8-bit Intel 8080 Microprocessor 8-bit 256 bytes RAM 256 DIP switch input & LED output DIP Apple II (1977) Apple 1st true PC 1st Advancements Integrated Circuits Integrated PCBs PCBs VLSI VLSI Graphics Graphics Software Software Noteworthy Contributors Herman Hollerith Herman Tabulating Machine (late 1800s) Tabulating IBM (1924) IBM Alan Turing Alan Programmable Machine (1936) Programmable John von Neumann John First Electronic Computer First EDVAC (1945) EDVAC Noteworthy Contributors Bardeen, Brattain, Shockley Bardeen, Bell Labs Bell Transistor Transistor Gates & Allen Gates Microsoft (1975) Microsoft BASIC for Altair BASIC Jobs & Wozniak Jobs Apple Computer (1976) Apple Garage Garage Points to Ponder Computer Technology Computer Incredibly rapid advancement Incredibly Slowing ? Slowing Supply & demand Supply Modern Computers Modern Voice command Voice CD imaging CD Virtual Reality ...
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