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boats - The Invention and Development of the First Boats...

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Unformatted text preview: The Invention and Development of the First Boats Introduction ÄSignificance ÄFirst Boat ÄImprovements ÄImpact on Trade ÄAddition of the Sails Significance ÄExploration ÄConquest ÄCuriosity ÄResource Acquisition ÄWood ÄFood - Fishing ÄSocialization ÄTechnical Inovations ÄTools First Boats ÄFirst Waterborne Vessels ÄMagdalene Period (16,000-10,000 B.C.) ÄMaterials ÄDeer Skin, Antlers, Wood Improvements ÄDugout Boats ÄMade by Carving Out a Tree. Made ÄFirst Known Dugout Was in 6300 B.C. ÄFound in Pesee Netherlands Trade ÄUse of Boats to Aid in Trade ÄDates Back to 4000 B.C. ÄTraders Met on a Small Island ÄServe As a Safe Zone ÄAccessible Only by Boat ÄAvoid Ambushes. ÄPaved the Development ÄUse of Boat As Aid to Trading. The Sail ÄInvention Credited to Egyptians. ÄDates Back to 3500 B.C. ÄNile River ÄWind ÄBlows South ÄCurrent ÄFlows North ÄIdeal Condition Sources ÄThe Story of Sail ÄG.S. Laird Clows ÄConway’s History of the Ship ÄThe Earliest Ships ÄConway ÄHistory of the Sailing Ship ÄAcro publishing co.. ...
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