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Unformatted text preview: Demise Of The Seaplane Demise Elimination By 1950s Improvements To Runways Downtown Airports John F. Kennedy International Meigs Field Logan International Washington National Helicopter Mass Transportation Spruce Goose - 1947 Howard Hughes - Spruce Goose Howard Idea From Henry J. Kaiser, Steel Magnate (1942) Contract For Three - $18 Million Intended For WW II - Prevent Submarine Attacks Put Wings On Liberty Ships - Troops, Supplies, Armament Eight P&W R-4360s (3000 hp Each) 1 minute, 70 feet High, Less Than 1 mile 320 foot Wingspan Helicopter Helicopter Ancient Chineses - “Flying Top” 14th Century - Illustrations Of Child’s Toy Four Bladed Airscrew On Vertical Spindle Leonardo da Vinci George Cayley (1809) Two Counter Rotating Screws With Spring Bow W.H. Phillips (1842) English Engineer Jets Of Steam From Rotor Tips Chemical Reaction Helicopter Helicopter Enrico Forlanini (1877) Italian Engineer Conventional Reciprocating Steam Engine 20 Second Flight Toy Heinrich Focke (1936) First Truly Successful Helicopter Twin Rotor Design Igor Sikorsky Igor Early Experiments - Models 10 hp Engine (1909) 25 hp Engine (1910) VS-300 (1939) Single Rotor XR-4 (1942) Connecticut To Ohio 760 miles HH-3 (1967) New York To Paris Aerial Refueling Helicopter Designs Helicopter ...
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