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Unformatted text preview: G Galileo Galilei s Manuel Garcia s Henri Giffard s Robert Goddard s John Greenwood s Thomas Gryll s Thermometer Thermometer Endoscope Airship Airship Rockets Rockets Dentist’s Drill Faucet Faucet H Herbert Haddan s R. N. Harger s John Harington s Peter Henlein s Joseph Henry s Hero of Alexandria s H. M. Hobson s Marcian Hoff s Hoffmann-La Roche s Edwin Holmes s Christiaan Huygens s Stapler Stapler Breath Tester Toilet Tank Toilet Clockwork Motor Electric Bell Electric Motpr Car Jack Car Window Winder Window Microprocessor Liquid Crystal Display Liquid Burglar Alarm Mechanical Clock Mechanical IJK IJK IBM s W. Jaeger & E. Meili s Zacharias Janssen s Whitcomb Judson s Jack Kilby s Sergei Korolyev s Dot-Matrix Printer Dot-Matrix Smoke Detector Microscope Microscope Zipper Silicon Chip Satellites Satellites ...
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