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inventors_pqrs - PQ PQ Blaise Pascal s Gerald Pearson Daryl...

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Unformatted text preview: PQ PQ Blaise Pascal s Gerald Pearson, Daryl Gerald Chapin, Calvin Fuller Chapin, s Phillips Corporation s Alexander Ponatieff s Valdemar Poulsen s Edward Prew s Calculator Solar Cell Solar Compact Disc Palyer Video Recorder Video Tape Recorder Tape Speedometer Speedometer R G. Ramazotti s Rank Zerox s Grote Reber s Louis Renault s John Rennie s Jesse Reno s Adolpos Rickenbacker s Edward Roberts s Wilhelm Rontgen s Erik Rotheim s Periscope Periscope Laser Printer Radio Telescope Radio Gearbox Clutch Clutch Escalator Electric Guitar Personal Computer Personal X-Ray Machine X-Ray Spray Can Spray S Salter Weighing Co. s Horace De Saussure s Jacob Schick s Igor Sikorsky s Germain Sommelier s Sony Corporation s Percy Spencer s Elmer Sperry s Clement Street s Thomas Sutton s Joseph Swan s Bathroom Scales Bathroom Solar Heater Electric Shaver Electric Helicopter Helicopter Pneumatic Drill Pneumatic Camcorder Microwave Oven Microwave Autopilot Chain Hoist Chain Single Lens Reflex Camera Light Bulb Light ...
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