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light2 - Incandescent Filament Lamp Joseph Swan(1847 Patent...

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Unformatted text preview: Incandescent Filament Lamp Joseph Swan (1847) Patent By J. W. Starr (1845) “The application of continuous metallic and carbon conductors, intensely heated by the passage of a current of electricity, to the purpose of illumination” Thin Sheet Of Platinum Foil Torricellian Vacuum Disliked The Use Of A Platinum Filament Carbon Filament In A Vacuum Appealed To Him Incandescent Strip Of Carbon - 0.2” Wide, 1.5” Long Incandescent Filament Lamp Incandescent Joseph Swan Publicly Displayed December 18, 1878 Not In Operation Never Patented Idea Though Idea Was Anticipated & thus, Not Patentable Carbon Filament Incandescent Filament Lamp Incandescent Joseph Swan First Successful Filament First Lamp (1881) Lamp Carbon Filament Thickened Filament Ends Evacuated Glass Bulb Platinum Filament Supports Glass Supports For Filament Holders Platinum End Wires Exhausting “Pip” Applied For Patent November 27, 1880 Incandescent Filament Lamp Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) Initially Lamp Filaments From Carbon Impossible Thought He Was Successful With Platinum Switched To Carbon (1879) Successful February, 1880 Applied For Patent ???????? Developed Ideas For Commercializtion Joined With Swan To Form Joined Ediswan Electric Co. Incandescent Filament Lamp Edison Carbon Filament Lamp (1881) Edison Carbon Filament Lamp (1882) Edison Lamp Cluster (1884) ...
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