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Unformatted text preview: Machine Gun Machine Hiram Maxim Patent - 1890 No. 436,899 Changed War Forever George Selden Automobile Automobile Son Of Appeals Court Judge Patent Lawyer Inventor Applied For Patent - 1879 Nobody Else Had Applied Delayed Process Approval Granted Patent - 1895 No. 549,160 Leased Patent Rights Assoc. Of Licensed Auto Manuf. Henry Ford Sued (Won 1911) Patent Expired 1913 Aeroplane Aeroplane Wright Brothers Patent - 1906 No. 821,393 Entangled In Many PatentInfringement Suits Glenn Curtiss Hastened Wilbur’s Death Hastened (1912) (1912) Xerography Xerography Chester Carlson Patent - 1942 Process No. 2,297,691 Licensed Process Bell & Howell IBM Western Electric Didn’t Give Away All Secrets Took $60 Million & 14 Years Took To Develop First Copier To Transistor Transistor AT&T Bell Labs John Bardeen, John Walter Brattain, & William Shockley William Patent - 1950 No. 2,524,035 Led To Led Integrated Circuit PCB Personal Computer VLSI U.S. Patent System U.S. Five People In Inception 3200 Employees 1989 163,000 Applications 102,000 Patents Issued ...
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