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Dutch flared sails concave shape warped surface

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Unformatted text preview: Shape & Warped Surface Optimum Design Without Theory Smeaton’s Experiments (1750s) Smeaton’s Windmills - 19th Century Windmills Metal Construction Panemonian Mills Vertical Shaft - Cone Shaped Vanes Less Power & Longer Operation Times Aeolian Mills Horizontal or Slightly Inclined Shaft Metal Construction Variable Angle of Attack Delamolere - Centrifugal Governor Varying Angle of Attack Limited Speed of Rotation During High Winds Self-Regulating Device (1830Self-Regulating 1840) Pumps - Crank & Gear Pumps Crank Fixed to Horizontal Shaft Lift (Water) & Force (Air) Pumps No Variation in Piston Displacement Abandoned in Favor of Gears La Hire Gear Cogwheels & Crankshaft Metal Windmill for Pumping Water (1830) Water Wind Pump with La Hire Gear Wind Pumping Mechanism with Cogwheels and Crankshaft Cogwheels Windmills - Modern History Windmills (Mid to Late 1900s) Lightweight Materials Precision Gearing Precision Manufacturing Highly Efficient Energy Conversion E...
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