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roads - ROAD BUILDING ROAD Road Building History Road Roman...

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Unformatted text preview: ROAD BUILDING ROAD Road Building History Road Roman Roads Chronology Thomas Telford John Loudon McAdam Layout Roman Roads Roman First True Road Builders Adequate Drainage, Proper Foundation, Cambered Adequate Surface, & Impermeable Surface Surface, Constructed 372 Major Roads (53,000 Roman Miles) Roman Roads of Britain - Set Stage For Modern Roman Roads Roads Fall Abbreviated Chronology Abbreviated of Roman Empire (Early 5th Century) Act Of Parliament (1555) Two Men of Each Parish (Surveyor & Orderers) Turnpike Act -England (1663) No Control Over Routes & Maintenance 4000 Trusts Responsible For 22,000 Miles (1830s) Poorly Designed - Lost Roman Technology l ‘Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees (1762) Train Men To Oversee Construction (Civil Eng. ?) Motorways - Limited Access (Motor Vehicles) First Was 40.5 Miles - Long Island (1914) Thomas Telford Thomas Maps & Surveying Precise Rules 1:40 Gradient 3-4 Feet Above Crowned Road Recommended Recommended Eminent Domain Domain Precise Construction John Loudon McAdam John Previously Round Stones Gravel Coarsely Cut Stones Unite By Angles Tested Stone Sizes Fit In Mouth Stone Stone Size Depends On Soil Soil No Fine Material Added Steel Wheels Broke Steel Stones Stones Layout (Middle 19th Century) Layout Grades Limited to 3% Radius of Curves - 164’ Gutters (1860-1880) Embanked (1860-1880) ...
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