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Unformatted text preview: History of the Submarine History of Technology First Submarine Design Drafted by William Borne in 1578 s Based on ballast tanks s Never got past the drawing stage s First Oared Submersible s Conceived and Built by Cornelis Drebbel x Dutch Inventor x Born in Alkmaar, Netherlands in 1572 s First to address the problem of air First replenishment replenishment Human Powered Submarine s Built by David Bushnell in 1776 x Called the Turtle x First submarine to dive, surface and be used in First Naval combat Naval Holland VII and Holland VIII Submarines Introduced by John P. Holland in 1895 s Used petroleum engine for sufrace Used propulsion and electric engine for submerged operations submerged s Served as a blueprint for all the world’s Served navies for submarine design navies s French Submarine Aigette First submarine built with a diesel engine First for surface propulsion and electric engine for submerged operations for s 1904 s ...
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