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keyquiz7 - O(2 2 Give the IUPAC name and the common name...

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CHM 2200C March 16, 2005 Quiz 7 Name ____ KEY __________________ (Please Print) Grade _ 10 ___ of 10 points Points (6) 1. Draw the structures of the following: 1.5 pts each The hemiacetal formed between phenol and propanal: The ketal formed between ethanol and butanone: O OH O O The cyanohydrin product formed between HCN and benzaldehyde: The aldol (self-condensation) product formed between two molecules of methyl phenyl ketone . CN OH HO
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Unformatted text preview: O (2) 2. Give the IUPAC name and the common name for the following carboxylic acids: 0.5 pts each H 3 C CH CH 2 C O OH Cl C CH 2 C O OH O HO IUPAC name 3-chlorobutanoic acid Common name β-chlorobutyric acid IUPAC name propanedioic acid Common name malonic acid__ (2) Draw the structure of the following carboxylic acids: succinic acid 3-bromoheptanoic acid O OH O HO or HOOCCH 2 CH 2 COOH O OH Br 1 pt each...
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