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CHM 2200C April 13, 2005 Quiz 10 Name ______ KEY _________________ (Please Print) Grade __ 10 ___ of 10 points Points (4) 1. Following is the structure of cholesterol , an important cell membrane component, a precursor to steroid hormones, and the culprit in atherosclerosis. Circle all the chiral carbon atoms in the cholesterol molecule. 0.5 pt each correct center, -0.5 each incorrect center (3) 2. Following are different Fischer projection formulas of lactic acid. Indicate the relationship between the structure pairs—whether they represent enantiomers or the same compound
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Unformatted text preview: . 1 pt each (a) Structures A and B __ enantiomer ________ (b) Structures A and C __ same compound ____ (c) Structures A and D __ same compound ____ (3) 3. Draw the structure of D-glucose in (a) the open chain Fischer projection and (b) the alpha-D-pyranose Haworth projection. Then show the correct chair conformation of the alpha-D-glucopyranose structure by filling in the Hs and OHs on the skeleton structure. 1 pt each---0.5 pt if beta instead of alpha is shown. Fischer Projection Haworth Structure Chair Structure...
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