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CHM 2200C April 20, 2005 Quiz 11 Name _______ KEY ________________ (Please Print) Grade __ 10 ___ of 10 points Points (3) 1. Choose the term from the key list at the right which best describes the isomeric relationship between each pair of compounds below, and place the letter for that term in the blank to the left of the compound pair.: 0.5 points each _ C ___ alpha-D-glucopyranose and alpha-D-galactopyranose _ E ___ alpha-D-glucopyranose and alpha-D-ribofuranose _ C ___ D-erythrose and D-threose _ A ___ D-glucose and D-fructose (open chain form) _ B ___ alpha-D-glucopyranose and alpha-L-glucopyranose _ D ___ alpha-D-glucopyranose and beta-L-glucopyranose A. structural isomer B. enantiomer C. epimer D. diastereoisomer, but not an epimer E. not an isomer (4) 2 Choose the classification from the key list at the right which describes each carbohydrate below, and place the letter for that classification in the blank to the left of the carbohydrate. . _ G __ glucose _ C __ erythrose _ H __ fructose _ A __
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Unformatted text preview: glyceraldehyde _ B __ dihydroxyacetone _ E __ ribose _ J __ sucrose _ I __ maltose 0.5 pts each A. aldotriose monosaccharide B. ketotriose monosaccharide C. aldotetrose monosaccharide D ketotetrose monosaccharide E. aldopentose monosaccharide F. ketopentose monosaccharide G. aldohexose monosaccharide H. ketohexose monosaccharide I. reducing disaccharide J. non-reducing disaccharide (3) 3 Following is a list of fatty acids identified by the shorthand notation, showing number of carbon atoms and number and position of the double bonds. Complete the table giving the IUPAC and common names of these fatty acids, as well as the omega class for the unsaturated acids. (The first one is filled in as an example). 0.5 pts. each Abbreviation IUPAC Name Common Name Omega Class 9-C 16:1 9-hexadecenoic acid palmitoleic acid Omega-7 9,12,-C 18:2 9,12-octadecadienoic acid linoleic acid Omega-6 5,8,11,14-C 20:4 5,8,11,14-eicosatetraenoic acid arachidonic acid Omega-6...
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