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Assignment_1 - BSC5936-Fall 2005-PB,FR Computational...

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BSC5936-Fall 2005-PB,FR Computational Evolutionary Biology Assignment 1 1. Familiarize yourself with the NetBeans compiler using online and web resources. On the classroom computers, you should be able to launch NetBeans using the command netbeans in a Terminal window. If this does not work, try /usr/local/netbeans/bin/runide.sh . 2. Write a tree class in Java using NetBeans. The class should have a constructor that takes a string containing a Newick-format tree description and converts it into one of the tree data models covered in the lecture (the binary, polytomous or Felsenstein tree models; we recommend the binary model). Minimally, the constructor should handle rooted and unrooted binary trees with branch lengths (you can use the basal trichotomy convention described in the lecture notes to determine whether the tree is rooted or unrooted before actually constructing and connecting the nodes). The tree class should also have a Print function that takes an
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