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Katz Chapter 8

Katz Chapter 8 - Katz Chapter 8 Cold-Blooded Senseless...

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Katz Chapter 8: Cold-Blooded Senseless Murder Katz's final chapter covers the type of murders that cause the public the greatest concern and puzzlement, the cold-blooded, senseless killing of total strangers. Often these killings occur in the midst of a robbery or kidnapping, but they can not be explained as an attempt to eliminate witnesses, because often times other witnesses are spared. This is probably Katz's most complex chapter. His comparison of the fear associated with the supernatural in primitive religions and type of fear/respect that cold-blooded killers try to create in their victims uses considerable poetic license. Katz limits his discussion by eliminating the following type murders from the senseless murder category: 1) righteous slaughters 2) berserk killers who enter a building and shoot randomly at everyone inside (no robbery objective) 3) serial murders which exhibit sexual or sadistic motives 4) killing a robbery victim while they are in the act of resisting the assailant Murders Katz includes under his senseless category are the "Onion Field" murders, Gary Gilmore's murderous rampage that lead to his execution in Utah, etc. The killing is part of an abduction or robbery, the individuals offer no resistance, often witnesses are allowed to escape, and the murder actually makes it more certain the individual(s) will be caught because a tremendous amount of police manpower will be employed to solve the case and caught the killer(s). Katz offers a 3-part explanation of such killings:
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1) such individuals hope to have others fear them, to react to them with a sense of primordial fear or dread 2) cold-blooded killers are frequently those
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Katz Chapter 8 - Katz Chapter 8 Cold-Blooded Senseless...

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