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THEORY CONSTRUCTION PROJECT Due Date: Dec. 11 100 Points As one of the course projects you will develop your own theoretical perspective. Your theory can be multi-causal or eclectic, but does not have to be. The model can be drawn upon either Western or non-Western philosophical traditions, and include ideas from biology, psychology, sociology, political science, religious thought, etc. The Reynolds text is the key to completing this assignment. At least ten scholarly references should be discussed. Your model must include the following core components: 1. a theory of human nature 2. an explanation of the major cause(s) of crime 3. historical context of your model 4. discussion of the types of crimes your model best explains and examples of the types of crimes your model has most difficulty accounting for 5. best programs to prevent crime based upon your model 6. types of punishment or treatment programs that would do the most to lower crime 7. role of police, courts, and corrections in a society in which crime is explained by your model 8. types of studies that would need to be carried out to prove or disprove your model; including populations to be studied, research techniques employed, and expected findings. Specifically cite previous studies in literature review format. Writing Requirement : The first paragraph of any writing assignment is the most important. In
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effect, the first paragraph should serve as an outline or abstract of your paper. The major theme or topic of your paper should be stated in the very first sentence. Each following sentence or section in the first paragraph should introduce the various subtopics of the paper in sequential order. The second paragraph should then introduce your first subtopic, and so on. For this paper your first paragraph must mention each of the eight required sections. PART ONE WHAT IS YOUR THEORY? In sentence one of the paper state your theory. In the second paragraph of your paper discuss your theory and how it will employ features of an adequate theory. An adequate theory should answer the questions "Why?" and "How?" According to Tittle, the task of theory is to generate explanations of the phenomena to which it is addressed. There are two main components which need to be present in a good theory. They are breadth and adequacy. Breadth refers to the ability of the theory to explain a variety of instances. Adequacy refers to the comprehensiveness, precision and depth of the theory. A theory should be comprehensive yet precise.
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