aacatabolism - oxaloacetate aspartate α-ketoglutarate R Q...

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C COO - H 3 N + R H C COO - O R C COO - O CH 2 CH 2 COO - C COO - H H 3 N + CH 2 CH 2 COO - NH 4 + C COO - H H 3 N + CH 2 CH 2 C O NH 2 AMINO ACID CATABOLISM amino acids from dietary protein glutamine from extrahepatic tissues protein C O NH 2 H 2 N urea glutamate α -ketoglutarate COO - CH 2 O COO - C COO - CH 2 H 3 N + H COO - C C COO - H 3 N + R H C COO - O R protein
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Unformatted text preview: oxaloacetate aspartate α-ketoglutarate R Q E P H pyruvate A S C G T W acetoacetyl-CoA L K F Y oxaloacetate D N fumarate D F Y succinyl-CoA I M V T acetyl-CoA I L T W...
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