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FREE ENERGY CALCULATION EXAMPLES VALUES OF K eq GIVEN G o' G o' = -RTlnK eq G o' (kcal/mol) R (kcal/mol*K) T (kelvins) K eq at equilibrium -10.0 1.987E-03 310 almost everthing is converted to products -> 1.12E+07 irreversible forward -5.0 3.35E+03 irreversible forward -1.0 products reactants 5.07E+00 reversible 0.0 products reactants 1.00E+00 reversible 1.0 products reactants 1.97E-01 reversible 5.0 2.98E-04 irreversible backward 10.0 almost everything
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Unformatted text preview: stays as reactants 8.90E-08 irreversible backward HOW Q AFFECTS ∆ G ∆ G = ∆ G o' + RTlnQ ∆ G o' (kcal/mol) Q ∆ G (kcal/mol)-1.0 Q = K eq 5.07 0.0 equilibrium 20 0.8 backward add more products or remove reactants (Q>K) 10 0.4 backward 6 0.1 backward 4-0.1 forward add more reactants or remove products (Q<K) 1-1.0 forward 0.1-2.4 forward 0.05-2.8 forward...
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